Pinsta 4x5 Pinhole Camera + Syringes

Pinsta 4x5 Pinhole Camera + Syringes


(Includes: Pinsta camera, internal light baffle, 3x chemistry syringes)



Pinsta is a hand crafted ABS camera which can shoot directly onto positive 4x5 inch photographic paper. It develops internally, and can be used on the go, wherever you are and whenever you like for creating and sharing real analogue prints!


When combined with the enlargement slide Pinsta is also a mini-enlarger! For those already shooting film and wanting to get into analogue printing without the expense or need for a darkroom, Pinsta is here to help! Simply load your negatives into the internal enlargement slide and you can enlarge them onto 4x5 inch paper. You can even create prints with fun and creative frames and overlays using Pinsta's ingenious internal slide system.


  • Landscape and portrait bubble levels
  • Landscape and portrait sights
  • Tough ABS construction
  • Acrylic shutter disc with laser etched logo
  • Double chemically etched 0.3mm pinhole
  • Oval crop shutter disc setting
  • Magnetised tray back
  • Enlargement diffuser spot


Anyone can use Pinsta to produce photographic prints of their own, at home or out and about and without any further investment in darkroom equipment besides a dark bag for loading your next shot. Nothing beats the feeling of mounting your very own real photographic prints around your home.


  • Makes analogue photography available to everyone
  • Transfer paper or negatives from your existing large format camera for on site developing
  • Lets you print analogue photos wherever you are and whenever you like
  • Be sure that you have a good shot before you move on
  • Enlarge your own 35mm, 6x45 and 6x6 negatives without the need for a darkroom
  • Lets you be creative like never before with Pinsta's internal slide system
  • Preserve, engage in and show people the magic of analogue photography
  • Learn more about traditional processes
  • Perfect for education and photography workshops
  • Thoughtfully made Pinsta prints make wonderful presents for friends and family

    Pinsta cameras and accessories ship worldwide, please continue to cart for a shipping quote.