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what is Pinsta

Pinsta is a high quality pinhole camera which can shoot directly onto positive 4x5 inch photographic paper. It develops photos internally, and can be used on the go, wherever you are and whenever you like for creating and sharing real analogue prints! The advantage of on site developing means you know you have the right shot before you move on and the use of a film changing bag means you can load a new shot anywhere.


Remarkably Pinsta is also a mini daylight enlarger! For those already shooting film and wanting to get some experience of analogue printing without the expense or need for a darkroom, Pinsta is here to help! Simply load your negatives into the internal enlargement slide and you can enlarge them onto 4x5 inch paper.

Pinsta is not only a better pinhole camera for current enthusiasts and a way of enlarging your own negatives, it's also an excellent way for people to experience and learn about analogue photography for the first time and from the position of a complete laymen. Pinsta has a unique internal light baffle which can also be used for filtration and customising the shape of your photos or enlargements.


There are some accessories for Pinsta such as a bottle kit, syringe dock, 4x5 drying frames, keyring print removal tool and film changing bag.


  • Makes analogue photography available to everyone
  • Lets you print analogue photos wherever you are and whenever you like
  • Enlarges your own negatives without the need for a darkroom
  • Lets you be creative like never before with Pinsta's internal slide system
  • Teaches more about traditional photographic processes, and so is perfect for education and photography workshops
  • Gives people something photographic real and tactile to engage with
  • Is true analogue photography, but still lets you see your image before you move on
  • Is great for beginners and experts alike
  • Is a little bit of the real magic that is analogue photography


Pinsta was released on 19/10/2021 on kickstarter and was funded in just 3.5 hours.


It will be live until 19/11/2021.


Earlybird deals are £155 for the camera and syringes and various add ons are available.


£175 is the base price once the earlybird deals are finished.


watch the video

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